Sunset at Sunset


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It doesn't get much better than this. Sunset at Sunset beach.

Ward Campout


Monday, September 27, 2010

Ward campout at Hukilau beach! Beautiful weather and less than a mile from where we live.

Playing soccer on the beach. Alden scores a goal!

They taught us how to weave a bowl out of palm leaves for dinner!
Whenever we have any type of ward gathering this is what we eat.... lots of meat and rice.
The steak was a little to rare for me but all the food was delicious. The boys especially were in heaven.

Everyone got to take they're turn scrapping the inside of the coconut to get the "meat" out. Everyone was timed. Alden did the whole thing in 1:52.... it took six girls (me included) 9 minutes to do ours. The fastest was a Polynesian girl who did the whole thing in 19 seconds! It was very impressive.

We had a really great time getting to know people, playing games, and learning more about the Polynesian culture. Our bishop is the best. Yay for ward camp outs!

Sorry about the crummy pics. We didn't bring the camera so we only had our phones :)

San Fran


Friday, September 3, 2010

One day I hope to live in San Francisco, because that is where my honey is from and because it is an amazing city filled with delicious food, culture, and sites. If that day was today then Alden and I would be going to this show. Why? Because who doesn't love art and cake! And what is better than the marriage of the two?!
Click here for more about the show.



Thursday, September 2, 2010

I have recently started another job where I tutor kids in a near by town.
I have two kindergarten students and one third grade student. I am learning so much by tutoring them every day. They make me laugh and smile and sometimes they frustrate me but overall I love them. They all have their own unique qualities. In Hawaii you call everyone your "auntie".... so I am now an auntie! Here are the kids:

This is Sanya. He just moved from Thailand. He is in the third grade but the only English he knows is hello, goodbye, thank you, how to count to ten and the abc's. Sanya is very smart, he likes me to make math worksheets for him. He loves math. Sanya also loves to play tic tac toe. We are working on his English but it is difficult when you can't communicate at all.

This is Joline. She is part Lao and part Chinese. She is a sweet girl that loves to color. We are working on her numbers and she gets better every day.
This is Finau. She is from Tonga. Finau is very smart and is reading words. Finau loves to jump rope and is constantly calling for me.... "Auntie!... Auntie! Can you help me?"
Here are the girls jumping their rope during break time.

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