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Friday, June 29, 2012

Alden was out of town this past week and half of last week which usually leaves me in a muddled lonely mess. But this time, this time as long as the sun was up I was thriving. My self centered single life returned for a moment and my eyes were opened. I felt so inspired, so ME.

 I watched this interesting show (the whole season in one night) and felt inspired by the human ability to create, dream and succeed. Throughout college my motto was I CAN DO ANYTHING. And when I said anything I LITERALLY meant anything. Somewhere along the way I let this realization slip away. I was in a dark place for a while but I'm coming back, IT'S coming back. My dreams, my hopes, my goals. Alden has been my number one fan, always pushing and encouraging, but when you are your own worst enemy the only the voice that matters is the one in your head. My voice is changing from can't to can. From no to yes. From fear to faith. And I get butterflies thinking about where it will take me.

One of the best feelings in the world is the feeling of accomplishment. A feeling I wanted for YOU. But not anymore. Because now its personal, just as it always should have been.



Thursday, June 28, 2012

italy-01 italy-02
dress | hat | bag | sandals | skinnies | glasses | sweater | shoes | Italy

I am quarter Italian so I've dreamed about going to Italy ever since I was little and while I won't be going anytime soon my friend is! So this post is for her. She had concerns about what to wear since it will be so hot. My new go to look for the summer are dresses! What a better way to keep the air circulating?  Right?

So here are some looks I've put together and good news! They are more realistic and affordable, in fact there is nothing over $33.00!

Maxi Dress


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'm talking maxi dresses over at Say Yes to Hoboken today. Have you gotten one yet? They are seriously life changing and I am already on the look out for another.

ps. The poll is closed and looks like wear/there is going to be sticking around! I'm going to make a few changes and try to make the outfits a little bit more affordable, at least some of the pieces. Check back in tomorrow for wear/there/Italy!

happy friday!


Friday, June 22, 2012

 Image via here

I am home sick in bed today so I thought I would make a list for you of some of my favorite links (and my favorite image) I have found around the web recently.  Happy Friday!

Everyone loves a good engagement story. How about this one involving a horse named flickr!

Did you know that Apple computers had their own clothing line?... back in 1986. Alden found this little gem and I wish it was still around so we could get matching sweat shirts for Christmas.

We've already had one movie night in the back yard (see here) but I think next time around I will have to step it up a notch and include concessions (thanks to Jordan's awesome outdoor movie night inspiration!)

Now this is my kind of party. A messy paint party. YES PLEASE. What a lucky 8 year old.

I am dying over this kitchen before and after. SO in love with the results! Especially the open wood shelves above the sink. Beautiful.

I am hoping the weather behaves this weekend so I can make this perfect summer dessert and not have to opt out for hot chocolate instead!

ps. have you voted yet?... Check out my poll over there on the upper right and help me decide if the wear//there posts should stay or go!

Wear//there poll


Thursday, June 21, 2012


I started the wear//there series while Alden and I were trying to decide where to go on our trip. Well we've made our decision and even bought our tickets!!! (Click here to see where we are going). But now the question is, should I continue with the wear//there series??? I've put a little poll up on the side where you can go vote. If you DO want it to stick around then leave me a comment and let me know what places you would like to see me do wear//there posts for. The skies the limit! I could maybe even do a post for what to wear to the moon... MAYBE. Don't hold me to that :). The poll closes next Wednesday so vote now!

J.Crew Look for less


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

lookforless2-01 I love this outfit from J.Crew but at over $700 it was WAY out of the budget. Check out my look for less over at Say Yes to Hoboken today that came in just over $100.

Two years


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two years. My two favorite parts of you. anniversary1 anniversary2 anniversary3 The ability you have to make me laugh, at any and every given moment. anniversary4 anniversary5 anniversary6 Your pure sweetness.

Not many people can work with their spouse every day and feel like that is still not enough time together, but we do. I love you every moment. 

*pictures by the talented Justin Hackworth

Anniversary Day Trip: Palo Alto


paloalto4 paloalto2 paloalto3 paloalto1 paloalto5 paloalto6 We had a late contender in our options for our anniversary day trip, Palo Alto! Home of Stanford university.

The highlights:
-Eating brunch in a little cafe downtown.
-People watching and spotting a Kate Middleton look alike. Alden even said she looked like a princess... thanks babe, happy anniversary to you too! ;)
-Shopping and blowing our entire anniversary budget at Gap. what the?!
-Trying Sprinkles cupcakes for the first time. Not sure they lived up to all the hype but I think Alden is more of a cupcake critic than I am!
-Walking around Stanford University and dreaming about college life. Their campus is gorgeous you guys!
-Being REALLY hot and wishing for one little moment that we would have gone to the beach instead.
-Eating fish and chips on the sidewalk at a French cafe for dinner. YUM!

Overall the day was a success and sometimes flying by the seat of your pants is the best way to live life. Thank you for such a fun day Alden!

November come quick


Friday, June 15, 2012

You guys... we did it. We bough tickets and we are going on an ADVENTURE TO THAILAND! After months and months of research and back and forth about where to go suddenly yesterday Thailand just felt right, and November felt right, and the price was right.

Now for the wrong, the so VERY wrong. The 19 hour flight there with a 1 hour layover in China and the 32 HOUR return flight with a good 12 hour layover in China (what to do in China for 12 hours, hmmm?). You guys... that is a LONG flight! and flying kind of freaks me out. I can barely do a 5 hour flight right now. Also, I have never used the bathroom on an airplane, weird I know. But what if I get sucked out?!!!!

But anyway, this post is sounding FAR to negative for such a happy time! WE ARE GOING TO THAILAND. Our last little trip to neverland before we have to grow up. If you have been please chime in with some things we MUST do!



Thursday, June 14, 2012

daytrip2 daytrip This weekend we are celebrating our second anniversary by heading out on a weekend getaway day trip. When it comes to making decisions Alden and I are the worst, quickly followed by keeping secrets/surprises from each other. To solve this problem, we are going to throw all our options into a hat and pull one out on Saturday morning and head off for the day! (If you can't wait till Monday to see where we are headed off to for the weekend then be sure and follow my instagram! @ashleyaikele)

On the flip side we think we have decided where we are going for our big trip at the end of the year! Yay us! Hopefully we will be buying our tickets tonight (hence our last minute plan to change this weekend from a getaway to a day trip, gotta save those pennies!). Can't wait to tell you where we are going.

Tips for wearing color


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I had so much fun collaborating with photographer Ashley Thalman and Liz's sister Katrina for today's post. Hop over to Say Yes to Hoboken to see my tips for wearing color this season!

a couple weeks review


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

week6 Life as of late has seemed like one day after another of the same old thing (work and work). Does your life ever seem like that? I've been stashing away little snippets for the past few weeks to remind myself of the brighter things in life.

-A fun baby shower with homemade peach shakes, twinkle lights, and beautiful flowers.
-Coming home to my own bouquet of flowers that Alden picked up at the farmers market.
-Going to Off the Grid (a gathering of 30+ food trucks) and stuffing ourselves with delicious food.
-New colored pencils just because.
-My messy desk... not sure why that one made the list.
-Movies in the backyard and pool parties (summer is here!)

statement necklaces


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am talking statement necklaces over at Say Yes to Hoboken today. My mom called me bright and early this morning because apparently she bought that very neon necklace you see above. What a hip little mother I have! Go check out the other necklaces and chime in on your favorite style!

 ps. Did you see the outfits I contributed on Monday for throwing a "Dirty Dancing" movie night party?...You didn't?! Go check them out here.

wear//there//san francisco


Friday, June 1, 2012

san fran-02 san fran-01 chambray top (bought mine at F21) | shoes | bag (bought mine at jcpenney of all places!) | pants (bought mine from F21) | necklace | t-shirt | picture by my sister Branae

A few weeks ago my mom and sister came for a visit. Of course we HAD to go shopping (because that's what girls do best) so I thought it would be fun to feature some of the clothes that I picked up.

San Francisco is SO chuck full of things to do. I love taking weekend adventures to the city because we can always do something different. I think it will take a lifetime before we have done it all.
Some of my favorite things to do in San Francisco...

• Rent electric bikes and ride along the bay to the bridge (or even across the bridge if you are feeling up to it).

• Go to the Ferry Building and enjoy the fresh food from the market, live music, and beautiful views. Click here to see some pictures from when Alden and I went.

• Go to Hayes Valley and walk through the fun boutiques. Stop at Miette and get a treat and go to Absinthe for some French onion soup.

• Visit the Mission District. They have awesome vintage shops there and a really cool taxidermy place called Paxton Gate (with a unicorn!). We also had the most DELICIOUS breakfast at Luna Park and yummy Mexican food for lunch.

• Ride the trolley's. The very first date Alden and I had in the city we rode the trolley's to and from dinner at Frascati. I will never forget seeing the city light up that way. Magical!

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