November come quick

Friday, June 15, 2012

You guys... we did it. We bough tickets and we are going on an ADVENTURE TO THAILAND! After months and months of research and back and forth about where to go suddenly yesterday Thailand just felt right, and November felt right, and the price was right.

Now for the wrong, the so VERY wrong. The 19 hour flight there with a 1 hour layover in China and the 32 HOUR return flight with a good 12 hour layover in China (what to do in China for 12 hours, hmmm?). You guys... that is a LONG flight! and flying kind of freaks me out. I can barely do a 5 hour flight right now. Also, I have never used the bathroom on an airplane, weird I know. But what if I get sucked out?!!!!

But anyway, this post is sounding FAR to negative for such a happy time! WE ARE GOING TO THAILAND. Our last little trip to neverland before we have to grow up. If you have been please chime in with some things we MUST do!


  1. Yay! I am so glad you decided to go to Thailand. It is so amazing and you will love it! You definitely need to go to Phuket and eat as much food as you possibly can. Also, I know how you feel about going to the bathroom in an airplane. The flushing part is so loud and scary! So what I do is after I use the toilet (and before I flush) I make sure I wash my hands, unlock and open the door, then flush and run out as quickly as possible!

  2. I'm feeling like Thailand is a babymoon. THAILAND!!! How fun! The longest flight I've ever been on was 16 hours, I didn't stand up once and my ankles and feet swelled up to the size of watermelons. It was awesome. Moral of the story: using an airplane bathroom will help you not get cankles. It's really a lose lose situation ;)

  3. Great choice! Call me and I'll go over some travel stuff with you. I researched Thailand for a couple of months before we went so hopefully I can save you some time by passing info along.
    Shoot me a message on FB if you need my number.
    Excited for you! :)

  4. This is so exciting and that picture is spectacular. The bathrooms on those big jets are probably nicer than smaller planes.

  5. So fun!! I went to Thailand 4 years ago-its amazing!! My favorite thing we did was ride elephants in the jungle. Its a trip of a will love it!

  6. I don't have a lot of Thailand knowledge, but as for China, I would go to the Forbidden City (there is an olive tree garden at the back where China was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel by President Grant) and maybe the Great Wall. I don't know if you can do both, but they are the two things I'm happiest I saw while in China. Thailand looks BEAUTIFUL though. Enjoy!

  7. Thank you for all the advice everyone! I was nervous at first but one look at all the beaches over there and I can't help but be excited!
    @Kate- Thank you for the China advice. I hope that we will be able to get out and see a few things during our quick layover. The Forbidden City sounds amazing!

  8. Which airport are you at in china? (This is Stephani howell-or allison) we have a couple quick shanghai trip ideas!


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