Thursday, June 28, 2012

italy-01 italy-02
dress | hat | bag | sandals | skinnies | glasses | sweater | shoes | Italy

I am quarter Italian so I've dreamed about going to Italy ever since I was little and while I won't be going anytime soon my friend is! So this post is for her. She had concerns about what to wear since it will be so hot. My new go to look for the summer are dresses! What a better way to keep the air circulating?  Right?

So here are some looks I've put together and good news! They are more realistic and affordable, in fact there is nothing over $33.00!


  1. Love your where there's sis! They are so classy and make me we want to travel all over the world!

  2. Ashley! Got back from Italy a few weeks ago and I have to laugh because that picture you chose for this Wear/There post was SO fitting and I didn't even know it. We stayed in one of those buildings pictured!! You were spot on. I definitely utilized the dresses almost daily for those two weeks. They totally kept me cool & cute. Love it. Thank you!!!


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