Honeymoon Part 2: Hot Lava and Helicopters


Saturday, July 31, 2010


This one is for my sister Branae... whom we often call Naenae. They have Nene birds in Hawaii! (Sounds the same, spelled different). As you can see you are NOT allowed to feed them, however you are allowed to feed my sister.

This is the face Alden makes when he is sick of me taking pictures. haha.
Thurston Lava tube. A huge tube that is under ground. You can walk all the way through. Pretty cool. A little dark and creepy.
The wind was out of control at this place. seriously. This is the smoke from the volcano.

One of the highlights of the trip was going on a helicopter ride over hot lava. Whoa! I loved riding in the helicopter and suggested that Alden get a license, and a helicopter... I think I could get use to that. We got to see a beautiful waterfall, fields of macadamia nut trees, the ocean and of course the lava! The lava has totally wiped out the area except for one house. There is a man that lives there, I think his name is Tom. That's a lie, I don't remember his name at all. Anyway he rents out his place, like a bed and breakfast. Its only $150 or so a night but the catch is you have to be helicoptered in. I think it would be pretty awesome staying the night on a bed of Lava. ahhh well, maybe next time.

Honeymoon on the Big Isaland Hawaii Part 1: Food


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Patz Pizza! Boy oh Boy do we love pizza. We were so happy to find this place. Pat is from NY and he is makin pies that can put any NY parlor in its place. He uses wheat flour in the dough, thats something you don't see everyday. Big slices, thin crust, fresh ingredients... just how we like it. Check out his place if you ever head to the big island.
One night we went ALL out and went to a really nice french restaurant, La Bourgogne. Our waiter suggested frog legs for an apetizer so we thought, why not? That is what you see above. And I ate them. I also ate octopus on this trip and I have to say I prefer frog legs hands down. The best thing about this night however was the chocolate souffle. Picture an 8 inch ramekin full of delicious chocolate cake that is puffing 3 inches above the top. Our waiter grabs my spoon out of my hand and tears into the center of the cake. An explosion of dark chocolate lava boils out as she pours a stream of cream in the center. Is your mouth watering yet? I wish we would have gotten a picture. I am sure we will fly to the big island JUST to get this desert.

I don't remember what this place was called. Honestly it wasn't that good. We just love Thai food so I had to put it up here. However if you are ever on Oahu go to Opal's Thai wagon in Haleiwa.

Roy's was our last night. This place is top notch. Talk about SERVICE. Our water was never lower then 1/8th from the top of our glasses. The timing was perfect, the food was light yet filling, and our waiter was personable and on the ball. And look what they gave us for dessert! There are Roy's all over the place so if you ever get the chance to go, you should!

Less you think that all we did was eat on our honeymoon....... stay tuned! Honeymoon adventures coming soon.

The knot has been tied


We did it! We tied the knot and it was a perfect day. I am so happy I married the perfect man for me. I am loving being married. Its just me and my man on an island now. Newlywed bliss I'd say. If you would like to see some MORE pictures from the wedding please click HERE and watch an awesome slide show, seriously go watch it now (be sure to click the HQ to watch it in high resolution) or click HERE to go to Justin Hackworth's blog with more of our wedding pics.



Our lovely pictures were taken by the talented Justin Hackworth. He happens to also be a great friend and one of my most favorite people on the planet. Really when it comes down to it, working for him is what brought Alden and I together. Its a small world after all.

ps. My husband has the modeling pose down. I'm still working on it.

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