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Monday, March 25, 2013

deepwatersoloing_01deepwatersoloing_02deepwatersoloing_03deepwatersoloing_04deepwatersoloing_05deepwatersoloing_06deepwatersoloing_07deepwatersoloing_08deepwatersoloing_09 One of the main reasons we went to Thailand was for the rock climbing. Alden grew up bouldering and has dreamed about going to Thailand to try deep water soloing. Deep water soloing is when you scale tall cliffs without rope or harnesses and drop into the blue green waters below. The perfect mix of rock climbing and cliff jumping. It was so fun to watch his dream come true.

While staying on a peninsula called Railay we got up early one morning and jumped aboard a sail boat. We went out with a group of six and our guide and sailed out to some small islands made up of steep cliffs.

We all loaded into a dingy and pushed off toward the cliffs. Alden jumped out and started climbing like a pro. It was so fun to watch him. Just to get this out there.... I'm terrified of heights, and the ocean, and sharks. BUT I did manage to scale about 7 feet up a cliff and jump off. GO ME.

For lunch we ate at a small beach (fried rice! woot). Right after we finished, a massive storm came in. It was freezing cold so we got in the water to stay warm and hung out under and overhang. We were in the water for probably 45 mins when things cleared up enough for us to move on.

We headed to another spot where Alden and our guide were the only ones to scale this crazy cliff. Alden had to basically do the splits from the wall to a hanging stalactite.  We were all cheering him on and this British woman on our tour asked when he stretched into the splits, "Did you know he could do that?".... No, darling, I did not.

That boy never ceases to amaze me. I love watching him do things he is good at, things he is passionate about, things that scare me a little bit.

The day ended with a sail back and Bob Marley blasting from the stereo. Oh... and a cold pop

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

morocco-02morocco-01 pants | blouse | shoes | scarf | necklace | bag

I've decided to bring back the wear there posts! For those of you who are new around here... Wear There posts are when I pick a place I'd like to visit and then create an outfit of what I'd wear there! Check out the bottom of the post to see some of the past wear there's.

I have a neighbor, Julie, that I grew up with in Idaho, who also ended up being my neighbor in Hawaii for a short time who is in Morocco right now. Her and her husband joined the Peace Corps and will be in Morocco for over 2 years. It's been fun to read about their journey and see what life is like in another country. (Click here to read her blog about their time in Morocco!) Their adventures inspired this post... and while Morocco isn't at the top of my list I do think it would be a neat place to visit (maybe take a boat ride there from Spain?) I asked Julie how to dress in Morocco and what to expect if you visit. Here is what she said,

"There are certainly spoken and unspoken rules of modesty here in Morocco, which vary region by region. However, a good general rule to follow is cover your elbows, cover your bottom, and avoid showing your figure. This makes you and everyone around you more comfortable.
Morocco is nicknamed "the cold land with the hot sun," and nothing could be more accurate. In the winter, the weather is bone chilling. Without central heating in most buildings and houses, thermals, winter coats, and gloves can be worn at all times. In the summer, temperatures sky rocket above 100 degrees in many areas. This is when being modest is challenged."

Also, click over to Say Yes to Hoboken where I am talking about overalls today! Would you wear overalls? Did you wear them when you were a kid like I did?

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Thailand // Ko Lanta


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ko lanta_01ko lanta_02ko lanta_07ko lanta_06ko lanta_03ko lanta_04ko lanta_05ko lanta_08ko lanta_09ko lanta_10ko lanta_11ko lanta_12 This is part two is a series about our trip to Thailand. To see part one, go here.

After our relaxing time on Ko Phi Phi we took a ferry down to Ko Lanta. Ko Lanta is a larger island with one main road and the main form of transportation is moped! We checked into our little hut and headed off to our cooking class. The class was VERY interesting and was timed nicely since it was pouring outside the entire time. We learned the different ingredients in Thai food and when or when not to eat certain ingredients in the dishes. We then got to make our own food. Our favorite was the green curry, we have since whipped up a batch at home and it was delicious! Our only complaint about the class was how long it was. We were on our feet for about 7 hours, barefoot on cement floor. My feet were swollen and my ankles turned into cankles.

The next day we rented a moped and cruised around the island. We stopped at huge cave and had a guide take us through. They didn't tell me before hand but the cave was full of spiders the size of my hand! The guide got a kick out of pointing out the spiders whenever he saw them just to see me freak out.... We saw at least 10 spiders. I probably wouldn't have gone in if I would have known about the spiders but it was fun anyway. Alden was brave and swam in a pool at the bottom of the cave. His words were... "How can you pass up the opportunity to swim in an underground secret lagoon in Thailand?"

We had planned to go to a national forest after that but it began to rain. We stopped and had lunch and enjoyed the view. We made a stop at a beach on the way home and collected shells until the storm started up again. The next day we loaded up and headed on to the next part of our adventure. It was a short trip and we didn't really get to take advantage of Ko Lanta because of the lack of time and the weather but we enjoyed the change of scenery and driving the moped around on the other side of the road!

*If you are planning a trip of your own to Thailand, we stayed at Lanta Castaway. The cooking class we took was through Time for Lime.

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