thailand // Deep Water Soloing

Monday, March 25, 2013

deepwatersoloing_01deepwatersoloing_02deepwatersoloing_03deepwatersoloing_04deepwatersoloing_05deepwatersoloing_06deepwatersoloing_07deepwatersoloing_08deepwatersoloing_09 One of the main reasons we went to Thailand was for the rock climbing. Alden grew up bouldering and has dreamed about going to Thailand to try deep water soloing. Deep water soloing is when you scale tall cliffs without rope or harnesses and drop into the blue green waters below. The perfect mix of rock climbing and cliff jumping. It was so fun to watch his dream come true.

While staying on a peninsula called Railay we got up early one morning and jumped aboard a sail boat. We went out with a group of six and our guide and sailed out to some small islands made up of steep cliffs.

We all loaded into a dingy and pushed off toward the cliffs. Alden jumped out and started climbing like a pro. It was so fun to watch him. Just to get this out there.... I'm terrified of heights, and the ocean, and sharks. BUT I did manage to scale about 7 feet up a cliff and jump off. GO ME.

For lunch we ate at a small beach (fried rice! woot). Right after we finished, a massive storm came in. It was freezing cold so we got in the water to stay warm and hung out under and overhang. We were in the water for probably 45 mins when things cleared up enough for us to move on.

We headed to another spot where Alden and our guide were the only ones to scale this crazy cliff. Alden had to basically do the splits from the wall to a hanging stalactite.  We were all cheering him on and this British woman on our tour asked when he stretched into the splits, "Did you know he could do that?".... No, darling, I did not.

That boy never ceases to amaze me. I love watching him do things he is good at, things he is passionate about, things that scare me a little bit.

The day ended with a sail back and Bob Marley blasting from the stereo. Oh... and a cold pop


  1. My eyes got wider with each picture. Oh my goodness that's amazing! Go Alden!! And go Ashley for trying it. You're braver than me. Love seeing your pictures from your adventure.

  2. This is my new dream. Thank you.

  3. This is insane. Alden is amazing!! And so are you...I would have flipped (not literally flipped...I can't do flips) if I had to climb that thing. Alden has the most random and cool talents, I swear.

  4. This only further solidifies my belief that you two are some of the coolest peeps I know.


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