Thursday, April 26, 2012

Picture 122Picture 120 cape | sweater | pants | necklace | boots | scarf | braid | switzerland

Well for the past week we have been doing research like crazy on going to Switzerland. Our trip that we are going to take will most likely be in the winter which means if we decide to go to Switzerland we will be skiing in the Alp's and getting cozy next to a nice big fire.

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  1. Switzerland?!?! Reeeeeeaaaaallllyyy

  2. skiing in the alps IS SO WORTH IT! also if your going to europe in the winter, I would pick Austrian over Switzerland, but both sound wonderful!

  3. I just watched the lastest season of the Bachelor and they went to Switzerland and it looked AMAZING! Also I have talked to several people who have been all over Europe and they like Switzerland the best!

  4. If we got to Europe we were thinking we would try to hit up a few countries. Right now it would be Switzerland, Germany and then Prague (Czech Republic). But now I am wondering if we should switch one of those out for Austria. ??? Thoughts?

  5. love that outfit! I want to wear it in Idaho during the crazy winters!! :)

  6. I have been to Austria and it is beautiful, especially the country side. However, I have got to say if you are going to Europe you should really consider Italy... Amazing food, nice people, gorgeous country, and history everywhere! It was my personal Favorite!


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