Life is better at the Beach

Friday, April 27, 2012

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Last weekend I surprised Alden with a get away to the beach. Lately work has been over the top stressful and I knew it wouldn't be warm enough to swim but if we could just get to the beach and embrace all that the ocean represents somehow it would make things better, at least for that moment.

Getting to the ocean was a trip in and of itself. Apparently everyone had the same idea I did because the roads were PACKED and the beaches were PACKED. By the time we made it to the ocean we only had an hour. So we laid out the towels and crawled under my sun hat and hid. There were people all around us but somehow we were able to tune them out and take in the smell and feel of the ocean and RELAX. I mean REALLY relax. We kissed and laughed and were reminded how the beach can breath life back into you.

Oh... and then we ate Mexican food, like any good Californian would after going to the beach.

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