Week Review

Monday, April 16, 2012

Last Weeks Highlights included

Lots of delicious food, like oatmeal with a dollop of whip cream, the yummy pancakes I told you about here, shish kabobs on the BBQ with our friends and homemade créme brûlée. Wow, that dessert is so much more satisfying when you make it yourself. Thank you Beards for bringing the flame thrower.

I tagged along with Alden on his weekly bouldering trip to the gym and watched him test out his new longboard (go jaseboards!). But I think my favorite thing to watch this week was Alden holding sweet baby Vivian. I think Alden is going to be a baby whisperer, I can just feel it.

I started Nie Nie's book "Heaven is Here" and I'm having a hard time putting it down. And last but not least spring is upon us! There are blossoms and flowers everywhere and our backyard is green and lush. Summer come quick!


  1. loving all the new ideas and lovely things you have done with your blog! i check it daily to see all of the wonderful things you have come up with..way to go sis!

  2. All that food looks yummy and like Branae, I love everything you have done with your blog! You are so creative and stylish! I need to learn a lot from you!! So I will be checking back daily! haha And yes your dad stopped by and it was so fun to see him. My boys are in heaven with all the goodies he brought and we all can't wait for the family reunion!

  3. Yea for getting Alden a board! Now you need one and we can really have fun this summer!

  4. Thank you Rachel and Branae for your sweet words and for following my blog! @Chelse.... I don't know if longboarding and me are a good match, we will see (I'm a wimp, what can I say).


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