Mothers Day Gift Guide

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

mothersdaygiftguide-01 Do you know what you are getting your mother for mothers day? Here are a few of my favorites ideas to fit any situation.

Sentimental: Is there an easier way to win your mothers heart than with photographs? I think not. Now you can take your favorite instagram photos and have them printed into stickers, tiny little books, t-shirts, or prints. And all for a reasonable price.

Homemade: Whip up your mom's favorite dessert and surprise her on Sunday afternoon. My mom's favorite, red velvet cake.

Simple: Some mom's like it simple. Like a beautiful card filled with meaningful words.

Traditional: Flowers are pretty fool proof. But keep things more meaningful by picking up a bouquet of your moms favorite flower.

Far Away: Is your mom far away? Have ice-cream delivered to her door still frozen, ready to eat. They have lots of fun flavors like gooey butter cake, lime cardamom, and salty caramel.


  1. i love that you do these cute gift guides.... ps how do you do those collages?? i want to learn. i always want to do one of things i'm loving online. and then i get frustrated and give up. SOS!

  2. I do them in photoshop and illustrator. Because thats what I know. But I am sure there has to be a more user friendly way out there?... Maybe? Here is a site where you can make style collages... might be worth checking out.

  3. I love the ice-cream idea to be delivered to my mom. She is far away but would love such a sweet and tasty surprise!
    THanks for sharing, now I don't have to brainstorm my mother's day gift!

  4. Liliet! I am so glad that you liked the ice cream idea. It makes me wish I had children that lived far away so I could get a sweet surprise in the mail :)


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