Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Holidays are fun when you get married because you get to share and start your own traditions. Growing up my mom would fill our baskets with goodies and hide them. They weren't your typical hiding places either. It took us HOURS to find them. I didn't really give Alden a choice of what tradition we were going to do this year. We were hiding baskets! Poor Alden doesn't have the years of experience like I do. I found my basket the VERY first place I looked. He probably would have looked all day for his if I wouldn't have given him a big fat clue too. (Do you want to know my secret?... Tie the basket to a hanger and pick a big heavy coat to hang around it. Then just hang the coat back in the closet!)

We spent Easter with Alden's family. It was a nice day full of strawberry rhubarb pie and blueberry tarts. My mom bought my sister and I Easter dresses while I was home (thanks mom) so naturally we had to get an Easter picture in our pastels.

We went to Church and pondered on the real reason for the season. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have of a loving Savior who knows me personally and died for me. What a beautiful time of year to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the rebirth all around.

What are some of your fun Easter traditions?

ps. Alden and I became hooked on Hello Panda cookies when we lived in Hawaii so when I saw them at Target I had to get them for his basket. If you come across some BUY THEM RIGHT AWAY and then EAT THEM RIGHT AWAY. And buy an extra box too.... because you might not want to share.


  1. Ashley I LOVE those panda snacks! I buy them at the seasider before every Byuh devotional....mmmm.
    Our Easter tradition is similar to yours...we do the Easter bunny Easter on Saturday so Sunday is special and not crazy with little kids and candy and chaos. We leave our Easter baskets out empty on Friday night and then when we wake up Saturday we have to find our baskets in the craziest places (sometimes down the chimney or on the roof or in the chicken coop....ews) then once we find our filled baskets we set out to find all 20 of our color coded Easter eggs (so the kids don't fight) and each kid always has a special golden egg with monies. Fun fun! Sometimes there us a trail of jelly beans leading to a Easter surprise....real chicks or a bunny! That was pretty extreme.

  2. Dude. Best hiding place ive ever heard of. And your Easter dress is awesome. I think I'm stealing this cute tradition

  3. Maddie I want to be in your family! Your Easter sounds AMAZING! I am taking notes for my future family. Elyse.... If you need more hiding tips let me know ;)


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