Honeymoon Part 2: Hot Lava and Helicopters

Saturday, July 31, 2010


This one is for my sister Branae... whom we often call Naenae. They have Nene birds in Hawaii! (Sounds the same, spelled different). As you can see you are NOT allowed to feed them, however you are allowed to feed my sister.

This is the face Alden makes when he is sick of me taking pictures. haha.
Thurston Lava tube. A huge tube that is under ground. You can walk all the way through. Pretty cool. A little dark and creepy.
The wind was out of control at this place. seriously. This is the smoke from the volcano.

One of the highlights of the trip was going on a helicopter ride over hot lava. Whoa! I loved riding in the helicopter and suggested that Alden get a license, and a helicopter... I think I could get use to that. We got to see a beautiful waterfall, fields of macadamia nut trees, the ocean and of course the lava! The lava has totally wiped out the area except for one house. There is a man that lives there, I think his name is Tom. That's a lie, I don't remember his name at all. Anyway he rents out his place, like a bed and breakfast. Its only $150 or so a night but the catch is you have to be helicoptered in. I think it would be pretty awesome staying the night on a bed of Lava. ahhh well, maybe next time.


  1. Love the pics, I think you need to pinch yourself!

  2. Love the photos ash! So fun..keep them coming! about the bird..ha ha that is hilarious!!! i'm famous...but in a bird.. ha ha loved it! and i love you

  3. Hey, Ashley... It sounds like a great honeymoon, but sleeping on hot lava, not so much. Have fun!


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