Anniversary Day Trip: Palo Alto

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

paloalto4 paloalto2 paloalto3 paloalto1 paloalto5 paloalto6 We had a late contender in our options for our anniversary day trip, Palo Alto! Home of Stanford university.

The highlights:
-Eating brunch in a little cafe downtown.
-People watching and spotting a Kate Middleton look alike. Alden even said she looked like a princess... thanks babe, happy anniversary to you too! ;)
-Shopping and blowing our entire anniversary budget at Gap. what the?!
-Trying Sprinkles cupcakes for the first time. Not sure they lived up to all the hype but I think Alden is more of a cupcake critic than I am!
-Walking around Stanford University and dreaming about college life. Their campus is gorgeous you guys!
-Being REALLY hot and wishing for one little moment that we would have gone to the beach instead.
-Eating fish and chips on the sidewalk at a French cafe for dinner. YUM!

Overall the day was a success and sometimes flying by the seat of your pants is the best way to live life. Thank you for such a fun day Alden!


  1. Looks like the perfect day! I personally love Sprinkles Cupcakes- especially whispering their secret word to get a free one. That's just pure joy right there.

  2. Waaaaa....??? Secret word?! You must tell me about this tonight. I love anything free!


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