a couple weeks review

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

week6 Life as of late has seemed like one day after another of the same old thing (work and work). Does your life ever seem like that? I've been stashing away little snippets for the past few weeks to remind myself of the brighter things in life.

-A fun baby shower with homemade peach shakes, twinkle lights, and beautiful flowers.
-Coming home to my own bouquet of flowers that Alden picked up at the farmers market.
-Going to Off the Grid (a gathering of 30+ food trucks) and stuffing ourselves with delicious food.
-New colored pencils just because.
-My messy desk... not sure why that one made the list.
-Movies in the backyard and pool parties (summer is here!)


  1. I'm sorry about work. It's totally overrated. Getting pregnant takes care of that though.

    Also, I miss you.

    Also, you're hott.

    Also, I'm not a les. I guess I just sound like one in this comment

  2. you guys are so adventurous. I LOVE IT.


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