My mother. Another golden ticket

Monday, May 11, 2009

Throughout my life I have been very blessed. Some of the big or significant events that have happened I like to call.... getting the Golden Ticket. The biggest golden ticket I have received is my mother. Any of you that are lucky enough to know my mom would agree that knowing her can't help but give you a new outlook on life.

I've realized recently that my mom and I can be surprisingly different. But that is why I love her so much. She is my main motivator and encourager for me to go beyond what is comfortable or easy, and reach for challenging new things that will help me be the person I need to be.

Mom, you are my strength, my hope, my motivator and my friend. I thank God I was so lucky to have a mom that would sacrifice to help me be all that I can be, a mom who is positive and full of faith. I love you mom.


  1. wow..aren't we blessed! i love you mom! amen to what ashley truely are an Amazing mother!!

  2. Your mom rocks my socks off. I had a dream about your brother's wedding and the colors were bright purple, pink and mango. Trendsetters

  3. We just heard some exciting news...Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!! We can't wait to see pictures!

    Spence, Ky, & the boys


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