Shop till you drop

Friday, March 12, 2010

Its a good thing that my little fiance' likes to shop. Every Thursday (cuz thats my day off) we ride the bus for almost 2 hours into Honolulu to do wedding shopping. We usually shop for 8-9 hours. It may sound weird but these little trips solidify that we are so good for each other. We enjoy ourselves the entire day and stay pretty much cranky free all the way to the end. Last night was no exception when the bus came at 9:00 pm instead of 9:08 pm which meant we had to wait another hour and a half for the next bus..... argh! Can't wait till we have a car. But I got fitted for my wedding dress and picked up some nice little treasures at Nordstrom Rack Love that store.

ps. Tip #1 for Hawaii. If you take the bus, bring a jacket. They pump cold air through those things and I freeze everytime!


  1. ha ha so true. i always had a love/hate relationship with the bus. Just try to always talk to the craziest person you see and it'll be a trip worth while! ps. let me know if I can look for anything DI treasure or anything for the wedding!

  2. i hate the bus. and you guys are BABIES IN THIS PICTURE!


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