Chocolate Stack Loaf

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

picture and recipe found here

I have never liked working out. I believe in being healthy and active, I'm just not always the best at it. However, I recently discovered a little secret that gets me to the gym. They have stacks upon stacks of magazines, including my favorite... Better Homes and Gardens. I have loved this magazine since I was probably 16. I never was a normal teenage girl, sigh. Anyway, one morning at the gym I cam across this recipe and I snatched it up! (I actually tore it out of the magazine... I feel slightly bad about it but I just had to try it!). I found the perfect occasion for the cake... Curry night with our friends the Bridges (which was SO tasty btw). Ok, so chocolate and curry.... not exactly perfect but it was good enough. The cake came out a little dry because my oven got turned down half way through but besides that and my horrible cutting skills it was perfect. Our favorite part.... heating up the leftover frosting and using it as fudge on our ice-cream. Talk about out of this world, I'm not even kidding you. Delish! If you don't make the cake at least make the frosting. Its like a hot fudge ganche and I love it. One thing to note about the recipe if you do make the cake, you actually make it in a cake pan... not a loaf pan. Brilliant! No wonder I love the gym now. Gym=chocolate cake :)

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