Fred Larry

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alden and I have been searching the streets (and the web) for the perfect place we can rent (we are hoping to move out in the next few months). While perusing through craigslist the other day I found the perfect place. Three bedroom house for rent in Walnut creek (a nice neighboorhood). Was it too good to be true?!
Maybe. But I thought I would email just in case.

Last night at 11:00 pm I got a response from, Fred Larry. My first thought, "Fred Larry... really? Your name is FRED LARRY?" But I carried on. The email went on to explain about the house and how this "Fred" was currently over seas. He couldn't give us a tour of the house but he could send pictures and when it came time he would send us the key. He didn't ask for our credit card or anything he even gave us the option of paying either 1 or 2 months of rent up front. Nice guy eh?

Well we jumped in the car and drove to the house to take a look. It was a perfect little house (from what I could tell in the dark) right next to a little elementary school, cute little neighborhood. Things were looking good. BUT there was a car in the driveway. weird. We decided since he left a number that we would just call him to see if it was legit. We figured out what we were going to ask him and how we could "test" him to see if it was real or not. Right as Alden picked up the phone to dial, we decided to google the phone number.....


poop. I hate you Fred Larry.

ps. this lovely home above is not Fred Larry's. It was found via here.


  1. What the FredLarry? – that's going to be my newest curse-phrase.

    Good luck with the home hunting!! :)

  2. That is so disappointing (but also kind of funny)!! What a perfect house..

  3. Stupid Fred! Never trust a Fred. This very thing happened to us while we were in Hawaii (except we hadn't gotten to go see it yet.) Very sneaky, eh? Best of luck finding a (real) home.

  4. same thing happened to my friends who were trying to sell their apt. it's always a scam if it involves someone overseas. i hate people sometimes. especially people with two first names.

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