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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One great thing about growing up is getting your own space, even if you are just renting. Its fun to experiment with your style and to make a house a home. Today's guide is a few things I found around the web that make great gifts for brightening up any space. AND the best part? All under $25. Santa ain't rich after all.


1// West Elm Papier Maché Antlers $19
Growing up in Idaho I saw a lot of antlers and animals on peoples walls and I definitely was not loving it. Oh how the times have changed. Since when do I want a dead animal on my wall, really? I feel like a hypocrite to my state. But at least I have not abandoned my roots. This paper maché option is a great compromise.

2// West Elm Metallic Tea Light Holders $10
The easiest way to brighten a small or dark space is to add some reflective surfaces. The combination of candle light and these metallic holders could do wonders for your home. Metallics are in so you can find similar holders nearly everywhere.

3// Etsy Quilted Fox Print by Gingiber $20
Etsy is a great place to find original art work for your home at a great price. I love the colors and patterns of this print. It would even be fun for a girls room/nursery.

4// Amazon Design Sponge at Home $23.50
I assume most of you have heard of Design Sponge. If not, go check it out here. The moment I heard they were coming out with a book I had it pre-ordered. And then when I found out they were coming to San Francisco for the book tour I signed up for that as well (a post for another day). This book is amazing. It is filled with sneak peeks into homes around the world and tips on what they did and how to re-create it. There is a whole DIY section full of fun, new projects. And that is only the beginning.

5// IKEA Patterned Black Tray $19.99
An easy way to get started on transforming your space is to buy a tray. Put it on your coffee table and put some books a vase and a candle on it. This would be a great house warming gift as well.

6// West Elm Log Vase $19
A nice vase filled with a winter bouquet of flowers would be the perfect gift to give when going to visit the in laws for the holidays. I love this wood vase because it looks great with or without flowers and the wood tones warm up a space instantly.

Thank you for all of you who commented and entered in my first giveaway yesterday! For those of you feeling out of the loop.... check it out here and don't forget to comment!

If you want to comment on this post and tell me your favorite or if you have found anything great for the home in your shopping I'd LOVE to hear from you :)


  1. I think it's slightly suspicious how everyone commented on the free give away post, but not on this one. : ) I don't really have any expertise on this matter, but I did buy a couch and an arm chair and they make me happy...mostly I just wanted to say Hi to you. So Hi, especially to you.

  2. Haha, well I have yet to post on the giveaway, perhaps I'll only post here so you know I love you for YOU. It's awesome to see you doing so well! Seems like we were in Spokane only months ago, crazy. My favorite is that fox print, it's right up my alley.

  3. Now that you have told me about this book I might just have to get it. I need all the help I can get in the decorating department. I love the candle holders too.

  4. The tea light holder is so cute. I love stuff like that.


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