Christmas with the Shaum's

Thursday, January 12, 2012

For our annual Ugly Sweater party Alden scored this lovely sweater at D.I. which actually isn't ugly at all. It has since made appearances in my wardrobe and even graced the grocery store with its hip-ness.
My handsome bearded husband. Isn't he handsome?
East the beast. (Snuggie belongs to papa Shaum)
Brother in law Danny sporting a sweater and stach alongside their trusty pup Ruger.
Papa Shaum. So many things about this picture explain my dad. From the "SUP" on his shirt to the tag on his hat. Also, he may or may not be giving a speech here. Mamma Shaum sportin her new jammies.
Garett opening his shake weight. Dreams came true that morning. Dreams. Came. True.
Notice all the cutely wrapped gifts. Chelse wins that award with all of us taking notes for next year.
Alden and I and a couple of Santa hats.
Kiss, kiss.
Ryley and Chelse also win the creativity award. They MADE each others presents. Talk about awesome.
Chelse gave Ryley a sketch of him and of her to hang on their wall. Isn't she talented? Check out the awesome chandelier my brother made Chelse and the other sketch here.

Going home for Christmas was a much needed break for Alden and I. We jam-packed the week with as much as we could and before we knew it the week was over. We are already planning our next trip back since we can never seem to fit it all in. Thank you family for a great week full of laughter, adventure and fun.


  1. Oh thanks ASh for the pics since we didn't take any, It was so much fun and I just get a warm feeling in my heart when I think about Christmas 2011, Loved every minute of it! Love you!

  2. Golly, your family is so crafty! No wonder you're so good at it! Glad you had a fun Christmas! Alden's sweater rocks.

  3. Such fun pics, Ash! And the picture of your funny, really does say a lot! :O) And your mom looking on...she speaks too! So glad I got to see you for a minute!

  4. your family is so cute! and i love all the pictures you take- they're always so full of life and energy. glad it was a magical trip home.

  5. Love these pics! Love the puppy,I went to your sister-in-laws blog and was SO impressed with the gifts that they made for each other, BUT my favorite thing about these pictures is that you are all wearing santa hats while opening christmas! ha ha so festive :)


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