Being Healthy

Monday, May 17, 2010

Once upon a time we lived across the street from a grocery store. Produce was priced outrageously high and I became increasingly discouraged at our lack of "nutrients". We did not have a Costco card nor a car, but we needed to be HEALTHY!!!

Finally, the day came, we bought a car! And of course our first big trip was to Costco (I was whining almost daily now how I wanted REAL food). I filled the shopping cart with tons of produce......... the one bad thing about Costco is everything is in bulk, WAY too much for two people. But I didn't care. I made Alden buy us a LARGE container of mixed greens. Don't even worry about the fact that I don't really like salad. Well needless to say we threw that container away today, almost completely full. The dang thing went bad (am I secretly happy? I cannot say). I ate salad once and then made up excuses EVERYDAY as to why I couldn't eat the salad. Alden lets me win, even when he knows that I am being ridiculous.

I still don't like salad.
But I love Alden even more.
The End.


  1. ha ha love the posts ash! Congrats on finding housing that's so exciting!!! Ya our salad goes bad in about 3 days but yet I keep buying it and buying it even though we never finish it but there's something about opening your fridge and seeing green that I love and I just have to have it! so it must run in the fam.. :)

  2. hahaha, ya, this one is hilarious too. you don't like SALAD? MIND. BLOWN.


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