Hike to Maunawili

Sunday, May 23, 2010

video video

Sadly enough Alden and I don't get a lot of time to play between school, work, and planning a wedding. Saturday we decided that we needed to get out and enjoy what Hawaii has to offer. We went on a beautiful hike through the rainforest that leads to a waterfall where you can jump off into a pool. It was a blast even though it took some coaxing for me to jump the whole ten foot jump I did (I'm such a baby!). Watch the video for proof, Alden was trying to film without me noticing so I wouldn't feel more pressure... ahhh sweet. Then there is Alden... he jumped crazy high... sorry the video is sideways. See the picture for the difference between our jumps. We had such a fun day together. Hawaii is a beautiful place and its so much better when you have someone you love to enjoy it with.


  1. haha i almost peed my pants watching that video! ASh me and you are more alike than we know! I would of done the same thing!...oh some day we both won't be scared of jumping into water or swimming in the ocean....some day...but for now we can just laugh at each other on what babies we both are! ha ha

  2. PS this is b-nae sorry I was logged on as Tiffany

  3. sweet movies! Really wish we were there to go hiking with you!

  4. Ash I love that look on your face it says it all! I am proud of you for jumping-I have a feeling it won't be the last with Alden!!!


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