I'd do laundry every day if I had this....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Perhaps this is the missing piece in the relationship between me and my laundry. This makes me want to ask laundry to be my best friend.


  1. saw this on design sponge and immediately started drooling! but i'm just happy i have a washer/dryer at all. (even if they are in an accordion closet in my kitchen.)

  2. Ok. Oh my gosh. I NEVER go on blogs. EVER EVER EVER. This is my first time on your blog as a matter of fact (richie and I have been going through it together this evening: aloha to you from us) and not 15 minutes ago I was pouring over design sponge (again for the first time ever: aloha design sponge from me) and saw this laundry room and about cried with jealousy. I kindof wish my whole house was a tear from her blog.


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