Halloween gnome

Friday, October 15, 2010

When I have a kid he will be a garden gnome for Halloween. It does not get cuter than that people. hahaha.
PS. speaking of Halloween, what should me and the Mr. be? It is our first Halloween together.


  1. cute! My friend's little boy was/is (we already had our ward party) a garden gnome this year! sooo cute. She got the costume at Target and it had the pointy shoes and everything! Umm you should google couple costumes, there are so many fun ideas out there!

  2. best idea EVER! forget kids—i think that's what jas and i will be for halloween. (and i'm not kidding.)

  3. oh! and I think you and the Mr should be Mario and Luigi or a mariachi band of two, yayayaya!


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