Free Time Fix

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Its summer time. And growing up that meant free time. Time to play in the ditch, to hide away in my bedroom reading book after book, time to watch Maury Povich because there was nothing else to watch on our 4 channel T.V.

Thank goodness growing up has given me a few more options for my "free time". I've put together a survivors guide to free time a.k.a. your husband is out of town time.

1. Find yourself some new polish. And branch out a little. I picked Dim Sum Plum. (click the try it on button, to try it on).
2. Get yourself a "show" to watch. Make it really girly if you can. It makes this "free time" even better. Is anyone else out there watching SYTYCD? My favorites are Melanie, Sasha, and Marko.
3. And lastly, get yourself a project. I decided to pick one from my pinterest board. The original tutorial can be found here at

Here is how it turned out for me!

1. Gather the goods.
Clear acrylic sealer
Glue (fabric tac)
A map (or scrap book paper
a sponge brush.
Its a bit of an investment for the modgepodge, glue, and sealer but the tiles, felt, and map cost under $2.00.
2. The tiles should be 4.25"x 4.25" which means the paper and the felt should be cut to 3.75"x 3.75"
3.Brush the tile with modpodge and place the paper on top. Let dry.
4. Brush another coat of modpodge on top of the tiles and allow to dry for 15 mins. Repeat 2-3 times.
5. Make some dinner while you wait for everything to dry.
6. Spray the top with the sealer according to the package instructions, attach the felt to the back and you are done!

*For this project I used old copies of maps that Alden had for rock climbing. I think I might try something with a little more color next time.


  1. oh how i miss that life: the life of starting whatever hobbies you feel like starting, having the time to be able to get swallowed up in a good book, crafting and decorating up the wazoo. having a baby changes all of that. i miss that life. but i love my new life, don't get me wrong, it's just that i wish i had time to decorate my house and learn new crafts! i'm living my pre-baby life vicariously through you. and yes, i'm in love with melanie on SYTYCD. My favorite guy is Jess hands down. I can't stand Robert or Nick. Sascha has a cool personality but her technique totally blows. i think miranda is fantastic.

  2. Ash love the post! and i totally remember the good old days of free time and how we always watched maurie! HAHA! love the DIY great idea and it looks so cute! and um..i am DYING to watch SYTYCD!!!! love you and i love how creative you are! go sis!!!!


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