The gift that keeps on giving...

Monday, June 20, 2011


See that big box in the first picture?... The really cool wood one?.... Oh ya. That is my anniversary present. And I LOVE IT! "What is it?" you might ask. Good question. I don't know. All I know is that it plays music straight from the radio (and from records!) and blasts it through the entire house. So of course it is set to 103.7 (oldies) because what else would it play?.. Hip Hop? I think not.

Alden scored big on Saturday while I was helping with a friends wedding. Yep, you guessed it, a garage sale. We are addicts. In the best way of course. How could you resist this beauty tho?... PLUS we got the lamp, records, and record holder... for $20, that's highway robbery people!

I still haven't decided what I love more tho... our music box or this awesome homemade sign Alden made. I think I will keep it up all year. Ya know, celebrate ALL our anniversary's. And if you aren't convinced yet, Alden also got me peonies (see picture #2). That sealed the deal, icing on the cake, cherry on top. That boy is the apple of my eye I tell you. And you remember our credenza of course!

Aren't you proud of me for posting pictures of the house too?.... Its coming along. This little cottage is turning into a mid century meets modern mash up and we love it. Come visit us, PLEASE!

Stay tuned this week. Alden is out of town so I will be doing all sorts of projects and posts!


  1. Ashley, you seriously have the cutest house ever. I am sooo envious! In a good way. Someday I want to know your secrets when I have a house of my own.

  2. So cute I love the ttheme of your house because I feel that this was a similar theme to your wedding.. appropriate especailly for this post


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