Can you say Credenza?

Monday, May 23, 2011


Alden and I have discovered our passion in life. Garage sales. All week long getting up at seven in the morning is like trying to get wax out of the carpet... not happenin. But on Saturday, OH SATURDAY. We wake every half hour barely able to contain our excitement, "IS it time yet?!"... Just like Christmas morning. Now who doesn't want Christmas every Saturday? Hence the addiction.

This week yielded great fruit. Nothing like finding a mid century credenza for $10. Sure it had a little wear and tear but we saw its potential. Alden's mom taught us how to do some basic restoration and a few hours later, it was shinning like the top of the Chrysler building.

This week is the big week. Our official move in date is Wednesday! I am excited to share pictures of our new place but I am quickly learning that decorating a home is A LOT of work. We are getting to the "details" phase, which is the hardest part for me. I want some great "local" art but every time I find something I like its SOLD! argh. Like this piece. So its slow coming, but time is on our side... and garage sale season is just starting!

ps. Any good sites out there for art besides etsy and 20x200?


  1. well what about that lovely thing that got left in your house by the sandbergs?? that was great local art;) haha.. it didnt make it back to cali with you?? ps i miss you!

  2. that is beautiful. I want to come down and visit just for the garage sales... and to see you 2 of course. and that art is sweet. too bad it was sold


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