Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Alden and I got the best seats in the house last night (front row behind the dugout), thanks to a fellow A's fan who Alden's father had befriended during past seasons. When Jon passed, this friend contacted us and gave us tickets to the game of our choice.

We just so happened to choose a game that ALMOST got canceled due to rain, but after an hour and half delay we were good to go! Alden and I came highly prepared, me with my purple people eater poncho (you all remember that song, right) and him with his fittingly appropriate green one. We had cushiony seats and a water proof blanket, thermal underware and wool gloves... for a moment I felt like I was back in Idaho with all those layers but the bright stadium lights brought me back to reality.

The game was exciting. We played our rivals, the L.A. Angels. We came back in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game. Which meant extra innings at 11 o clock at night, in the rain. But we stood our ground and continued to cheer. Which paid off because they won and we got a ball from one of the players!

ps. See that guy on the right, in the last picture. Thats Coco Crisp. Yep, COCO CRISP.


  1. Seriously, we went on Friday to an A's game and FROZE our butts off because Dale doesn't think clearly when baseball is involved. And I saw the name coco crisp and about died. Seriously? Dumbest name ever. haha glad you guys had fun. I think we should all go to a game together sometime.

  2. Coco used to be a Boston Red Sock! Love his name! :) I love your posts....we still need to meet your husband though!!


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