Cottage Day 1: I have the best husband

Thursday, May 26, 2011


• 3 loads of laundry in my own machines!
• Lots of unpacking/hanging clothes
• My own Kitchenaid!... (The real reason all us girls get married)
• Alden coming home from work with a bouquet of baby roses for me!...I'm not the only one who dreams of fresh flowers in my own home am I?
• Making chocolate chip cookies in my new Kitchenaid with husband. mmmmmmmmmm.
• Waking up to Alden wearing my apron, serving me breakfast in bed (see above)
• Breakfast: Hot cocoa, toast, and bacon. YES.
• Alden giving me a gift! (Some makeup I was wanting.) what a CUTE BOY!!!!!!

I'm so blessed. In so many ways. Can't believe I married such a good man. He is my everything. My best friend. I'm so excited for our new life at the cottage.

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  1. I love A-dog he is so sweet. Sometimes you think life can't get any better and then it does. Congrats on the new home.


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