Happy Halloween

Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween usually brings out the worst in me. I have a history of bad Halloweens. If it wasn't the terror of coming up with a costume it was the horror of being a vampire when all your friends were princesses. One year a friend and I were too old to go trick r treating and not cool enough to go to parties so we cut some holes in some black garbage bags and put them over our heads and then we ate chocolate pudding with no hands. yum.

Halloween was alright this year. It made a wicked comeback, and it brought me along with it. Thanks to a last minute pumpkin party with friends and a man in a tux (who just so happens to be MY man and James Bond, lucky girl). So here I am, raised from the dead and back to blogging. Happy Halloween Everyone.


  1. you BLOGGED????

    This is a true halloween miracle. I'm floored. How I have missed your wittiness.

    Ikea wednesday. be there or be square. Thanks for the piccccs.

  2. Happy Halloween!!!! Finally.. Missed your posts :)

  3. Yay for pumpkin carving parties! we had so much fun the other night. Blake's been talking about wassel ever since. Also, you guys make a HOT Bond team. seriously.

  4. Those are some serious pumpkins! Way to go Ash, and yes it's great to see that you blogged!

  5. Happy to have you back in blogland!


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