Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Alden's birthday week started out with a bang. On Friday while I was at work Alden's sister Addie showed up out of no where. Currently she is going to school at BYU-Idaho but she decided to pop in this weekend for a surprise. And boy were we surprised!

Alden was still in DC on business at the moment, getting ready to board a plane and come home just to catch the tail end of his birthday (hence the need for a brithday week!).

Addie had the idea that we take BART (the subway) into the airport and surprise Alden and his mom as they got off the plane. BRILLIANT! So we got on BART with signs and balloons in hand (and camera!.. only to discover I forgot my SD card...Rats!)

We made it to the airport with perfect time and ran to meet them at their exit. The double surprise made for and exciting start to Alden's 24th Birthday week.

We then ate homemade German chocolate cake and chips a salsa (what birthday boy wants, birthday boy gets).

The next day included garage selling (our favorite past time), brunch at the Hunts, shopping, Thai food, going to the movie Moneyball and stake conference. Pretty much all of our favorite things rolled into one day.

*Picture includes a slice of Alden's cake as well as a card I threw together via this inspiration.


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