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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's the little details that can give a home personality. No, the socks in the corner of your room don't count.
While we lived in Hawaii we would take walks on the beach and collect shells, sand and sea glass. Until a few weeks ago all of the my little beach finds were in a shoe box. But recently I decided to pull them out because hey it got cold and I was missing Hawaii, what can I say.

So, my tip today... use your found objects and display them to remember all the places you've been. You could use rocks, red dirt, sticks, shells. You could also pick up some seeds that are local to the area you are visiting and plant them to make a terrarium.


Above are some examples of containers that you could use.
1// Have kids? Use a vessel with a cork in it. 2// Make a mini memory by using a stemless wineglass 3// Mason jars come in lots of different sizes and are easy to pick up at thrift stores and garage sales. 4// Display more than one container and label them for different beaches or different vacations.


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