idaho trip / part 2

Monday, October 1, 2012

idaho1idaho2idaho3idaho4 After part 1 of our trip spent in bear lake we headed up to swan valley for the Shaum family reunion. This reunion was so much fun! The kind where everyone cries when we have to say goodbye.
The highlights:
• Taking Alden to the secret waterfall
• Staying in a HUGE lodge (all 50ish? of us)
• The long slide down the front of the lodge (see above) that my grandma went down! That thing was scary. She may have said the s word and it may be on video. Just sayin.
• Playing "steam roller" at night and laughing till we couldn't breathe.
• Alden playing with my cousins triplet 5 year old boys. I'm mad I never got a picture because they seriously thought he was the coolest (who doesn't??)
• Going white water rafting down the snake river (no pictures, sorry!)
• Eating LOTS of food (its what us Shaum's do best)
• Taking a hike and learning all about the plants/flowers
• Doing a couples relay, including a giant slip and slide. Alden and I lost, big time. But to be fair we were the first ones to go. Someone had to test the ropes!
• Playing softball and watching all the boys make a dam in the river.
• Seeing all my extended family, especially my sweet grandparents. They mean the world to me and I am so blessed to have grandparents that arrange events like this so we can all be together.
• Getting home that night, getting sno cones and going to a double feature at the drive in. We had only planned to go to one movie but when my dad ordered hot french fries after the first movie while we were loading up, we just had to stay.

Part 3 next week..... Island Park and Yellowstone!

  ps. October??? Whaaa? When did that happen?


  1. What the H? When did you go to Yellowstone and island park? Are we even friends?

    Just kidding. I miss you

    1. Ya I miss you as well. Especially because you up a fled the state like a bandit without any notice or explanation. Get your booty home gurl.


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