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Monday, February 11, 2013

2-9-13-Monterey getaway12-9-13-Monterey getaway2 7:38 pm Friday night we got the itch to get out of town. We got on Priceline and did some last minute bidding and by 8:30 pm we were on the road to Monterey.

We stopped at Chick-a-filet for some free dinner (Alden won a years worth of meals, didn't I tell you?) and we got to eat on the road! One of my favorite pastimes that Alden isn't a fan of. I guess eating and driving is very different in Idaho vs California.

We scored a nice hotel in Monterey and found out that loads of celebrities like Kenny G and Bill Murray were in town for a golf tournament. Score.

We woke up Saturday and did what we always do, garage selling and thrifting. I found some gorgeous vintage dresses at an estate sale but they were just a little too big up top (boob jobs ruin everything I tell you).

Then we ate brunch on the water and it was delicious and relaxing. We hit up some more thrift stores and scored us a head board for $30. This is the kind of thrill we live for (exciting I know).

We started heading home up the coast and stopped in Santa Cruz to check out the beach. We walked the pier, enjoyed the shops, had some Mexican and went to Gap. Because no trip is complete without a trip to Gap (they are having some killer sales right now btw).

Our only regret?.... Not staying another night, or two or three.


  1. You two are so fun! We need to be more spontaneous. Maybe when Jim is done with school. Here's hoping. And a $30 headboard?! Saweet!

  2. I love this! Kidnap us next time. I'm making dale take me pronto. It sounds amazing down there


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