a little teaser

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well Branae and I did a re shoot of her bridals so she could get some she really liked. Here is a sneak peek with more to come! Our old roommate, Emily, is starting a flower business so she hooked us up with some beautiful bouquets and hopefully we got some great shots for her to use. I was pretty excited about how they turned out. Especially with the bad weather and camera troubles we had. I defiantly learn SO much every time I shoot.


  1. I love the picture and can't wait to see some more! The flowers are beautiful! I love looking at your pics because you capture the little things in life that I maybe don't see all the time. It reminds me to treasure and enjoy the little things! Thanks Ash! You are a natural with a camera!!

  2. What's up girl! Your are fantabulous!

  3. how very pretty!

    p.s. good for your sis..... still rockin that wedding dress. i sorta gained a bit of lbs once married. woops!


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