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Monday, February 2, 2009

I made these cupcakes for Super Bowl Sunday (don't worry Cocoa Bean they are not yours :) in hopes that the Cardinals would take it... sadly I was disappointed. At least the cupcakes still turned out! I got the recipe from Food Network online. You can find it here. They are white chocolate filled chocolate cupcakes. The recipe called to pipe the filling in after but I wanted to try baking it in so I did. I made a few alterations to the filling and frosting and I made a white chocolate gnash to go on top (that is the shiny part under the frosting). They turned out quite tasty, especially with a strawberry to top it off.


  1. go ash go! You are such a great blogger! By the way never told you that those cupcakes were fabulous! danny and i loved them! that cocoa bean should be very jealous...ha ha

  2. I can testify that those cupcakes were out of this world. I loved them especially the adjustments you made. Yeah I think I had 2 or 3 and played clean up on all the rest!!!

  3. Ok, Ash so those cupcakes look to die for! Who needs cocoa bean, when you could have Ashley Shaum cupcakes? Sign me up for some of those, and I would love to know the secret adjustments you made so that I can make them! By the way with all this gourmet cooking are you trying to still the number one granddaughter spot? JK, girl! You rock, and I love you tons!


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