Great things in life for a dollar... or for free

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MY recent move and the current state of the economy has caused me to be more grateful for what I have and to realize that you can still enjoy life... for really cheap or even FREE.

Great things that cost a dollar

•A song download from i-tunes (an oldie or something new, then listen to it over and over again)
• A movie from redbox... as long as you return it on time.
• JB&C... also known as, Junior Bacon Cheese Burger from Wendy's. A classic, plus it has bacon!
• McDonald's Hot fudge sundae.
• Dollar store trinkets. Who doesn't love those?

ps. tax not included

FREE goodness

• Free online episodes (like the office)
• A FREE walk in the park
• A FREE back massage from a friend... or cute boy
• Or, like the ad I just saw online, apparently you can get a free credit report for a dollar! Someone explain that one to me.

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