Historical Photo Processes

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I just finished up the semester and one of my favorite classes I took was Historical Photo Processes. Basically we took pictures that we had taken and made digital negatives out of them, then we developed and printed them as certain processes. Some of the process we did were Cyano types, Van Dyke Brown, Salted Paper prints, and Platinum prints. It was so fun to learn and experiment with these different process. Above is my final portfolio I made. I covered book board with material and crumpeled brown paper bag and then just wrapped it with linen and jute. Then I made a sweet little tag and downloaded a type writer font. The house was my final project. I took a bunch of pictures of the house from one point and then collaged them together. This is known as the Hockney style. This is just the Photoshop file but I took it and developed it using the Platinum process and then I took seperate pieces and developed them differently. I don't know if that makes any sense. ANYway... maybe I will scan them in someday for you to see.

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  1. ASHLEY!! are you surprised that this comment is not from branae?? I LOVE what you did with the house! It turned out AWESOME! although I had no doubt that you would do something amazing. Seriously. you are so cool.


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