Rule breaker

Friday, May 25, 2012

farmersmarket  I guess I broke the cardinal rule of not wearing white before memorial day when I wore these pants to the farmers market yesterday. What can I say, I am a rule breaker. Like the time my friends an I took an abandoned T.V. drove up the steepest hill in my home town and pushed it out the back. In the middle of the night mind you. I about had a heart attack when I saw a car come upon us from behind. Surely there would be some life altering damage when they hit that T.V. and it would be all my fault. Let's just say there was a lot of hoot'n and holler'n on my end and it wasn't because I was the life of the party. Rule breaker for sure.

On the agenda for this weekend....
• Making homemade jam with all the goodies we got from the market
• Swimming
• Going 3 for 3 on my running this week
• Cleaning house
• Naps

Lots of exciting things going on over here. What can I say... we are taking our R&R seriously these days.

(BTW these pictures are for you Chelse. Turns out posing isn't really my thing and photography isn't really Alden's thing so take a good look because this might very well be the last of its kind haha)


  1. I love your outfit! Where did you get your shirt?

  2. are a hotty and I'm digging your white denim. I got a lead on some good new restaurant spots so we need to start our "restaurant group" asap. (Your farmer's market pics made me think of food, obvi.)

  3. Thanks Camie! I got it at Forever21. And yes Peyton, restaurant group ASAP!

  4. Hi Ashley,
    I just found your sweet little blog via Say Yes to Hoboken. Can't wait to see more!

    PS - homemade jam and naps sound like the perfect way to spend a summer.


  5. Kelly! Thank you for stopping by, following, and commenting. It totally made my day :)

  6. Oh my word! Why were we so stupid in highschool? We could've killed someone with that TV! Plus, it was anti-climatic when we pushed it out. Didn't even explode. Lesson learned.
    Also, I just bought a case of strawberries from someone on the side of the road without thinking through what I would actually do with them, now I know- Jam! Thanks Ash :)

  7. Oh wow what a BABE! I know it feels weird taking pics of yourself {totally weird every time R takes them of me} but you look great! Love the pants, and shirt, and bag, and you.


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