Blog Stalker Dreams....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lets admit it.... we all blog stalk. And I'm as guilty as the last blogger. I had a dream last night about a blog I stalk. Don't worry the dream didn't include windows, binoculars, murder or even monkeys. Nope. I just felt like she needed a friend so I went over and visited her (I've never actually met her and I don't even know where she lives but you know how dreams are). We hung out and talked and she invited me to come back again and hang out in her Jasauna. Whats a Jasauna you ask? Oh don't worry its just a Jacuzzi and a Sauna put together. Pretty rad. So blog stalk away... its legal, allowed, and I might even say flattering. Anyone blog stalking me? :)


  1. i do blog stalk you... ALOT! haha.. sorry we were not able to come by last night:( .. this next week!! promise! love yoU!

  2. Jasauna?? HAHA!! incredible. yes, yes I do blog stalk you :)

  3. Hey sis! Love all the news posts and especially love the picture of Harry, Ron, and Herminie (don't know if i spelled that right.) I truely want to be there friends now! Love the funny! Well keep the picture you and can't wait to see your face in almost less than a month!!!! :)

  4. I blog stalk you sometimes!! Hope it's okay. I dream to live in Hawaii with you! You and your husband are such a cute couple! It's crazy how fast time flies!! I still feel like we should be in Rexburg going to YWs! :)

    Kirsten (Reed) Arthur


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