Throw back to our dating days

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This post is a throw back to our long distance dating days.
Alden being the sweet guy that he is bought me that dress you see above and mailed it in a cute box to me to say thanks for the awesome summer we had and that he was glad he dated me... yadda yadda yadda. SO CUTE right? So I sent him this email thank you of me in my dress. A little over the top, I know. But once you start playing with photobooth you really just can't stop.

So here is where the second picture comes in. All during our dating Alden and I would make homemade waffles because we bought this sweet waffle iron at a garage sale (we are crazy about appliances and garage sales). Well the waffle iron stayed in Utah and Alden was always trying to make waffles but being that he lived with a bunch of guys he never had measuring cups or baking soda. So what did he do? Borrow from the apartment of girls across the way. No way was
I having that... I was falling in love with this guy and I didn't want to loose him to some "girl that lived in the Riv." So long story short I sent him measuring cups and baking soda. I thought it was cute at the time. Now that I think about it he defiantly got the short end of the stick... me a dress, him measuring cups. OH, Ashley. Anyway he sent me this thank you shortly after. I remember at the time being embarrassed because I thought he was making fun of me. But when Alden pulled this picture up yesterday all I could do was laugh my head off. HA! Look how well he mimicked my every move.

My husband is sweet and funny... two of the reasons I married him.


  1. Ashley... this might be a stupid question but, how do you post your pictures like that? As in, how do you do more then one picture in a square or collage type thing instead of just one at a time?
    I am quite slow at the computer thing.
    But I love following your hawaiian dream life!

  2. Sadie you are so cute :) I make them in photoshop and then just save them as one photo. I think it might be the cheaters way of doing it. ha. There might be a way of doing it in blogger tho, if there is I don't know it. Maybe google it and see what comes up?

  3. Love your video and your dreamy day at the beach pics. I want some brownies! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! What new camera did you get?

  4. oh my... i laughed my head off when i saw the pictures and read your post! Cause i totally remember you being down in your room forever and i couldn't figure out what you were doing...i shortly then found out and thought it was super cute! but i had no idea Alden made one and sent it back!!! oh haha good times..that just made my day! Have a lovely night at HP!

  5. Thanks Ash.
    I don't have photoshop so I will see if there is another way that I can do it.

  6. Ash, Alden can only try to imitate you. You are the queen of beauty and natural gorgeousness! You two are perfect for each other!

  7. who are you two and why haven't i stumbled on you sooner???!!! making my day with this adorable post is what!

    truly original and awesome, thanks for brightening my day fun people. ♥

  8. this is the best thing i've ever seen and now i miss you guys more than EVER.


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