Harry Potter

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I don't consider myself to have any obsessions in life. I am no fanatic.
BUT Harry Potter, oh Harry Potter.... is as probably as close as it gets.
Husband and I have been preparing for the release of the final movie.
Last summer we went to the midnight showing. This summer we re-read the seventh book and as of late we have been watching each movie. We just finished movie number 5 and I LOVE that movie. Ah, it was so great. Then, last night, I saw this preview again and I could hardly contain myself. (Go watch it... now! Hurry!). So this year we are going to the midnight premier and we are dressing up and its going to be bliss and love, and I might cry.
But I'm not obsessed.

(cool photo via the www. doesn't it make you just want to be best friends with them?)


  1. okay the big question....which character are you dressing up as?! i was thinking i'd go to the midnight showing as Tonks, since she's really the only pregnant person in the entire series. : ) you HAVE to post pics!!!

  2. Holy sexy picture of Harry! Yeah I got goosebumbs watching that! Bought my ticket yesterday and I CAN'T wait!!!!!

  3. Bethany- Tonks will be perfect! Then you can have sweet colored hair too. Yay! I may go as Hermione and then my husband can be Ron. Because I LOVE Ron haha. Congrats on being pregnant by the way, SO EXCITING!

    Emily-yes, yes it is sexy.

  4. Upon reading this post I had a epiphany! Since we all know that due to my fortunate initials that I am HP... it makes perfect sense that you and aldy be Ron and Hermione!! Ha ha totally got my midnight ticket as well wish I was seeing it with you two great pals (Ron, and Hermione.)<3 you
    ps Tell Alden that if he ever leaves you like Ron does in the 7th one I will put a curse him.


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