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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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The first "real job" I had was when I was a senior in high school. I sewed environmental "socks". Its not as weird as you think... oh wait, it is. My cousin and I worked in a "sweat shop" (see picture above) where we sewed material together into a large "sock". The material was filled with the stuff you put in babies diapers... yes, I am getting technical now. Anyways, these "socks" were used to line the back of dump trucks filled with radioactive wet dirt... therefore, preventing the radioactive water from getting out.... SO, what I meant to say is that my first job was saving the world, thats right folks I fought radioactive bad guys. Other jobs I have had include:

•Snow cone maker
•College application Essay reader
•Cupcake/hot cocoa shop connoisseur
•College apartment cleaner
•Phone Survey person (yes, I was one of THOSE annoying people calling your house)
•Waitress at a little Inn called Jacob Lake outside the Grand Canyon
•Event Assistant @ BYU-Idaho
•Victoria's Secret... yep, not a secret anymore
•Assistant/intern for two photographers, him and her
•Host at a resort in Hawaii called Ola. Aloha, welcome to Ola! Does that make sense to anyone?
•Tutored children after school

So what is the point of all this? Well hey, its job hunting time again and its good to reflect back on where I have been and look to where I am going. So here is my list of dream jobs:

•Work for a Advertising Agency
•Join the ranks of those paid bloggers out there (money to blog, yes please)
•Work for a magazine....I heart magazines
•Become President of the United States, actually that is a lie.. don't vote for me please
•Be a super cool diaper changing mommy
•Own my own cool business of course

Anyone have any good advice about finding cool jobs like these? Or any other cool jobs out there? (Except the mom one, I think I know how to make that happen. All in good time my friends!)


  1. haha! you crack me up. I'm in the same boat right now, and it suuuuucks! But I have faith in you. try best of luck!

  2. oh yes, lady. i'm with ya. my life right now exactly. only in idaho. oh, and i never fought radioactive bad guys. other than that, pretty dang close! good luck in the job search! miss you my friend!


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