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Monday, January 24, 2011


We are going to Florida! .....like tomorrow. Yippee!
Being part of the family business is already paying off.
We get two days in Disney World and two days of business conference,
not a bad trade if you ask me. Look for posts from florida!

ps. Do I have any Florida readers out there who want to give me the 411 on the best rides to hit up?


  1. Jealous! Have a great time. Tower of Terror is my fave.

  2. Disney World is probably my favorite place ever. Tips:
    Animal Kingdom- Expedition Everest is a must (my favorite ride in all the parks), Bugs Lfe 3D
    Epcot- Mission:SPACE ride is seriously awesome as well as Soarin'
    Hollywood Studios- Tower of Terror for sure and the Lights, Motors, Action show is pretty cool.
    Those are my favs as well as all the classics at Magic Kingdom.
    I'm such a nerd but I hope this helps!! Have fun!

  3. Not from Florida but I've been there a few times! Always get fast passes and you defiantly have to go see the Lion King show at Animal Kingdom. There are two fun restaurants to try that are really interactive- Prime Time Diner at MGM and Whispering Canyon at the Disney world wilderness lodge- they are both super fun!

  4. go on mission to mars and rockin roller coaster like a bunch of times for me! love that place!

  5. Amazing what can happen in just a few short weeks of not reading your blog . . . I'm so sorry. I do love Cali and I know you will too! Florida lets see . . . watch out for aligators. I went there in 7th grade and haven't been back since so I'm sure my ride advice would be lame. But have fun anyway, know you will!


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