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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Costco has gelato!
You get three scoops in a waffle cone for $1.50.
They have pistachio, mixed berry, and stracciatella.
Costco pizza and gelato make the perfect inexpensive date.

ps. I also think you should know that I am getting this years award for best wife. What? It is only January and I already have it nailed down? Yes, yes I do.... Why? Because I let my man get one of these. As much as I wanted to say no, I knew he needed something manly in his life since he now has four woman to take care of. What a guy. Three cheers for Alden! Oh and three cheers for me... for winning the award of course :)


  1. hey we got one of those for christmas. nice for movies... not so nice for gameing. haha. but glad alden has something haha. HOpe you guys are doing well! ps. you are the best! you should get best wife award!!! miss you already

  2. You caved!! Haha you two are funny. Way to join the wagon. :) It is played slightly too much in our house lately. I bet you can guess which one of us is using it so frequently though...

  3. SCORE! I love gelato! As much as I am against video games, I do have to say that the kinect is SO FUN.

  4. gelato??? At costco?? that is the best news I've heard all week. I'm being serious. ok number two to hayden telling me that he was taking my sister on a date.

  5. ohhh you do win best wife award. I'm dreading the day Ryley gets Haydens ps3!


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