Hint or no hint?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I couldn't resist posting this picture from ohdeedoh because I think it is the perfect nursery (go check out the rest of the pictures here). I love the gray and white combination that feels so clean, calm and gender neutral. You could easily accent with mustard yellow or a soft pink for a girl. And in case you were wondering, this is NOT a hint. :)

ps. Adele is releasing her new album today. You better believe I'm over the top with excitement.


  1. I think it Should be a hint! ;) Having kids is so wonderful (plus you would be the cutest prego person ever). And I LOVE that nursery, very cute. I've been loving that you've been updating your blog all the time too!

  2. Ash I like the stripes on the wall, I was going to do some in the office but almost decided not too but they are so cute it makes want to do it again. Maybe you can help me in March!!! LOve you!

  3. im new to your blog.. & i already love it!



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