Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

(image by Justin Hackworth)

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby sister Branae.

Its fun to laugh now about those times when we shared a bedroom. You were 3 and I was 5. Your nightly ritual included "singing" me to sleep. Which I didn't appreciate or enjoy, infact it drove me crazy.

Or the time when we were teenagers and we stayed up into the night filming ourselves while we sang and danced to the radio.

For a while there it was rough, you wanted my clothes but I didn't want to share them. You were the "annoying" little sister and I was the "mean" big sister.

Then something changed, we shared. We became friends and life got 100 million times better because of it. Now, even though we live miles and miles away we can finish each others sentences and chat for hours about this and that. If someone turns on any kind of music with a beat you better believe we will both be dancing.

Thank you for always being my best friend. Even when I didn't realize it.
Love you sister! Happy 22! Can't wait to see you so soon.

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  1. oh...sis! I love you so!... you shouldn't put such kind things on your blog about me because it makes me cry :) ..You are such an amazing sister and i feel oh so blessed to have you has my sis!!! Thanks for the fun and cute birthday song and call and for the adorable present...i heart u. you da you da best. the best i ever had.


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