You've got Mail

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My man is getting a love note today.
Yes I folded it just like we use to in seventh grade.
And yes his love notes get delivered to a mini mailbox in our bathroom.
Its suppose to catch his eye when I put the red flag up... but it never does.
I think I'll put the mailbox on the toilet today. That oughta do the trick.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what it says! I LOVE suprises! Yip!

ps. So for my lack of blogging as of late... I've had blogger log...(Is that a phrase?) Anyway, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! I had a request for a post about what is in my camera bag so that is in the works but what other requests do I have out there?
Picture posts? Cool finds on the interenet? Music? Posts about how cute my husband is?
What do you guys want to see? Why do you follow my blog anyway? You are following right? Alright, well give me some input please for the sake of the blog.
TTFN. See you tomorrow!


  1. How about you make a short film? With toys or something? Or how to make your mustard chicken.... or a short film about making Chicken.

  2. do you have a good mustard chicken recipe? that sounds interesting... I follow your blog #1 because I LOVE you. But #2 you are probably the coolest person I know. So I love to read about some of your cool finds, including artsy things, music, etc.
    what websites/blogs do you frequently peruse?
    ashley's favorite things?
    I liked the DIY post.
    well thats it.

  3. i love the mini mailbox idea! so fun!

  4. this idea is adorable. where do you come up with these?

  5. The mini mailbox was at Target for $1 in the dollar bins at the front. I suggest getting one. Everything mini is ten times cuter :)


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