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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Technology is blowing me away right now. There are so many cool things that need to be taken advantage of... and here are a few of my current favorites.

1. Pintrest: I don't even understand the amazingness of this site yet. Basically you can make your own inspiration boards with what you find on the www. Food, fashion, photgraphy, DIY.. you name it. Then you can share with others, pin and repin, is what they call it. Go and check out the site and then go here to Marta writes, she did a post on it today that explains it a bit more and has finally convinced me I need to join and make my own boards.

2. Google Reader: If you follow blogs and you don't use some kind of reader then you are wasting lots of time. Readers let you add blogs you are following and subscribe to in one place so you don't have to jump all around. I love google reader. It lets me star my favorite posts, label posts, and keep up to date on what my favorite blogs are posting. Don't hesitate, do this NOW! And make sure you add the daily bucket.... either click that follow button over their on the right or add my URL to your subscriptions.

3. Groupon: Feels like spam but it is nothing but is a fantastic way to save money! I've already bought two coupons. One was $50 to Nordstrom rack for only 25 buckaroos. Thats half off my friends! I am finding lots of great deals here in the San Francisco area but I am curious how this would work on a smaller scale. Any one in Rexburg using this? Let me know what deals you are getting.

4. iPad 2: Apple how do you do it? I don't know what blows me away more, their technology or their marketing. Go watch the new videos now.


  1. new follower- i work for edelweiss by sarah and saw your comment on our fb.

    cutie blog!!

  2. Is it sad if my favorite part about the morning is checking groupon? ha ha, probably huh?


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